In what do you need help with?

Where this fruit is grown?

The açaí fruit is found in a specific Amazonian palm tree (Euterpe oleracea) that grows naturally in the states of Para, where most of the production is done, Amapá, Maranhão and eastern Amazon.

What is the shelf life?

 The shelf life of our puree and sorbets is about 2 years.

There is a food service portfolio?

 Yes! We serve the food service market with two products: Pulps and Sorbet. Our pulps are in frozen bars of 3.5 oz in boxes of 60 units each, the boxes are available in all flavors. We also have sorbet galons of banana, zero sugar and guaraná.

How many açaí berry there are in a frozen bar?

On average there are 110 açaí berries in a 3.5oz frozen bar. More than 90% of fruit is seed!

The product is pasteurized?

 Yup. The product is pasteurized once in Brazil.

What is the real benefit of being antioxidant?

Antioxidants are very important in our diet to protect our bodies against the damaging effects of an excess of substances called “free radicals”. Excess free radicals may be produced by various factors, such as stress, smoking, pollution, sunlight, radiation, illness and others. The antioxidants in our diet help to neutralize the free radicals in our body and stop them from their damaging effects.

Is Native Berries Gluten Free ?

Sure! All our products are free of gluten.

Is Native Berries Kosher?

 Yes, we are certified from the beginning.